Jayathu Fernando

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We have constructed a physical map of the human genome by using a panel of 90 whole-genome radiation hybrids (the TNG panel) in conjunction with 40,322 sequence-tagged sites (STSs) derived from random genomic sequences as well as expressed sequences. Of 36,678 STSs on the TNG radiation hybrid map, only 3604 (9.8%) were absent from the unassembled draft(More)
With the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors predicting below-25nm feature-size VLSIs, powered by DC power supplies of less than 1V, protection against transients has become mandatory for modern electronic systems. Surge protection circuits are usually designed using non-linear devices such as metal oxide varistors and semiconductor devices(More)
The dynamics of a simple perching manoeuvre are investigated using circular and aspect-ratio-two elliptical flat plates, as abstractions of low-aspect-ratio planforms observed in highly-manoeuvrable birds. The perching kinematic investigated in this study involves a pitch-up motion from an angle of attack of [Formula: see text] to [Formula: see text], while(More)
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