Jayasree Kattoor

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Ewing's sarcoma (ES) is an uncommon round cell tumor with an aggressive course affecting mainly children and young adults. Only 1% of cases is reported with jaw involvement and have mandibular predilection. Radiographic finding in ES reflect many destructive nature of the lesion, like osteolysis, cortical erosion, periostitis and soft tissue mass. A case of(More)
Meningiomas are common intracranial neoplasms. Meningomas are rarely subjected to fine-needle aspiration (FNA) studies. However, intraoperative squash preparations are commonly done. FNA of meningiomas are usually performed incidentally for cases with a clinical suspicion of some other disease such as metastatic carcinoma. We are reporting two cases, which(More)
Amyloid is a pathologic proteinaceous substance deposited between cells in various tissues in a variety of clinical conditions. We report a case of amyloidosis of tongue with extensive chondroid metaplasia diagnosed on incisional biopsy in a multiple myeloma patient, who underwent autologous peripheral blood stem cell transplant for the same in 2010 and now(More)
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