Jayasree Kattoor

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Epidemiological and clinicopathological features of Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) associated gastric carcinoma was compared in India and Japan, two countries differing markedly in gastric cancer incidence. Using in situ hybridization assay, the presence of EBV-encoded small RNA (EBER) was examined in 215, and 2,011 gastric cancer cases in Kerala, India, and(More)
Transforming growth factor beta (TGF-β) signaling is a pleiotropic cytokine signaling pathway, which controls cellular activities ranging from embryogenesis to apoptosis. Although many molecular alterations in this pathway have been described in cancers, the central point of concern, that is how these alterations influence the treatment outcome, has been(More)
BACKGROUND Nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) is a unique tumor due to its etiology and endemic distribution. Ethnic and regional factors are found to strongly influence the risk of disease; however, there have been no well-conducted studies on Indian patients. The present study assesses the relationship between Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) and sporadic Indian NPC(More)
Thyroid swellings are a significant clinical problem in the general population but majority of them are nonneoplastic and do not require surgery. The initial screening procedures include ultrasonography, fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) and radionucleotide scan. An initial screening test which will diagnose thyroid lesions accurately will help to(More)
Ewing's sarcoma (ES) is an uncommon round cell tumor with an aggressive course affecting mainly children and young adults. Only 1% of cases is reported with jaw involvement and have mandibular predilection. Radiographic finding in ES reflect many destructive nature of the lesion, like osteolysis, cortical erosion, periostitis and soft tissue mass. A case of(More)
The simultaneous occurrence of two primary tumors in one patient is not uncommon, but one tumor metastasizing to another malignancy is a rare phenomenon. Tumor-to-tumor metastasis was first described by Berent in 1902. Since then fewer than 200 cases have been reported in the literature. In most of these cases renal cell carcinoma acted as a recipient(More)
Meningiomas are common intracranial neoplasms. Meningomas are rarely subjected to fine-needle aspiration (FNA) studies. However, intraoperative squash preparations are commonly done. FNA of meningiomas are usually performed incidentally for cases with a clinical suspicion of some other disease such as metastatic carcinoma. We are reporting two cases, which(More)
Ewing's sarcoma commonly arises from bone and sometimes from extraskeletal soft tissues. It commonly metastasizes to the lungs, bone, bone marrow and brain. Cardiac metastasis is extremely uncommon. The present report discusses a case of Ewing's sarcoma metastasizing to the heart at the time of initial presentation.
Odontogenic ghost cell carcinoma (OGCC) is an exceptionally rare malignant odontogenic epithelial tumor. It is characterized by ameloblastic-like islands of epithelial cells with aberrant keratinization in the form of ghost cells with varying amounts of dysplastic dentin. Malignant histological characteristics include infiltration, cellular pleomorphism,(More)