Jayashri Sanjay Pandya

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BACKGROUND Postgraduate specialities require a combination of knowledge and clinical skills. The internship year is less structured. Clinical and practical skills that are picked up during training are not well regulated and the impact is not assessed. In this study, we assessed knowledge and skills using objective structured clinical examination (OSCE). (More)
The incidence of primary hydatid cyst of peritoneum is 2%. It can present as a palpable abdominal lump. The differential diagnosis is cystic ovarian tumor clinically and radiologically. Peritoneal hydatid disease should be included in differential diagnosis of sonographically diagnosed pelvic cystic lesion.
INTRODUCTION Ileosigmoid knotting (ISK) is a rare entity which needs prompt recognition and immediate surgical intervention to avoid catastrophic complications caused by gangrenous bowel and subsequent peritonitis. Preoperative investigations are only diagnostic of obstruction and CT findings are helpful but are not always available. PRESENTATION OF CASE(More)
Gastrointestinal stromal tumours (GISTs) are the most common mesenchymal tumour of gastro-intestinal tract. Annual incidence of GIST in United States is approximately 3000-4000. Clinical presentation of GIST varies with location and size of tumour but GIST presenting with palpable abdominal mass is rare. We report a case of 38 years old male who presented(More)
BACKGROUND Tuberculosis is a major health problem worldwide. Gastrointestinal tuberculosis presenting as isolated involvement of the duodenum is a rare case. CASE PRESENTATION A 13 year male, presented with features of gastric outlet obstruction. CT enterography scan showed circumferential mural thickening in first and second part of duodenal junction(More)
Tubercular liver abscess is generally secondary to some other primary foci in the body, most notably pulmonary and gastrointestinal system. To find primary tubercular liver abscess is rare, with prevalence of 0.34% in patients with hepatic tuberculosis. Abscess tracking into abdominal wall from spinal and para spinal tuberculosis is known, however primary(More)
BACKGROUND Primary appendiceal adenocarcinoma is a rare tumor, mucinous variety being common. This case is reported to highlight the unusual presentation and diagnostic difficulty of appendiceal adenocarcinoma. CASE PRESENTATION Patient presented with acute appendicitis with ill-defined tender lump which responded to conservative management. CONCLUSIONS(More)