Jayashree Seshadri

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An interactive web server is developed for predicting the potential binding sites and its target operons for a given regulatory protein in prokaryotic genomes. The program allows users to submit known or experimentally determined binding sites of a regulatory protein as ungapped multiple sequence alignments. It analyses the upstream regions of all genes in(More)
Gene regulatory circuits are often commonly shared between two closely related organisms. Our web tool iCR (identify Conserved target of a Regulon) makes use of this fact and identify conserved targets of a regulatory protein. iCR is a special refined extension of our previous tool PredictRegulon- that predicts genome wide, the potential binding sites and(More)
Title of Document: MAXIMUM LIKELIHOOD PITCH ESTIMATION USING SINUSOIDAL MODELING Vijay Mahadevan, Master of Science, 2010 Directed By: Dr. Carol Y. Espy-Wilson Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering The aim of the work presented in this thesis is to automatically extract the fundamental frequency of a periodic signal from noisy observations, a(More)
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