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CONTEXT Routine electronic patient-reported outcome collection in patients with advanced disease could improve communication among patients, caregivers, and providers, the timeliness of identifying problems, and effectiveness of follow-up. OBJECTIVES To develop a Web-based tool to collect symptoms and needed data and provide feedback to hospice and(More)
In this paper, we present the spectral energy distributions (SEDs) of six massive young stellar objects (MYSOs) detected from the NIR imaging survey carried out by Varricatt et al. (2010) and estimated their ages and masses. The SEDs of YSOs in six massive star forming regions has been reconstructed using 2MASS, MSX, IRAS, IRAC & MIPS, SCUBA, WISE, SPIRE(More)
The empowerment of women is crucial to the process of development of any community. Though women constitute almost half of our population and play a vital role in every sphere of life, their importance is not properly recognized by the society. They are generally suppressed and enjoy limited access to different fields of life, such as, education, society,(More)
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1 Forward We are pleased to provide the annual report for FY 2003 for the Heavy Vehicle Systems Optimization Program. As emission regulations became more stringent, it is clear that improvements in the diesel engine efficiency could be limited. Therefore, Heavy Vehicle Optimization addresses the very important area of non-engine losses that is fertile for(More)
Experience Based Learning (EBL) is a process in which real world problems are used to help and motivate students to identify, apply, collaborate and communicate their knowledge effectively. However, implementation of EBL requires substantial effort on the part of teacher involving new teaching strategies and significant course restructuring. Also, coming up(More)
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