Jayashree P. Shinde

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—This paper presents the effect of the slots in ground plane and patch on resonant frequency, impedance bandwidth, gain and side lobe. The microstrip antennas have been designed on ε r = 4.3 and h = 1.53 mm. It has been observed as the slot length increases the resonant frequency shifted to the lower side by 19.05 % and 5.04 % of fundamental frequency of(More)
This paper presents an analysis for the resonant frequencies and its various harmonics of a nearly Circular Annular Ring Microstrip Antenna (ARMSA) with and without air gaps and superstrate loadings. This ARMSA is studied for various radii of the inner and outer radiating circular edges of disc. Three such nearly circular ARMSA are analyzed with an Aspect(More)
This paper presents the effect on circular polarization of multilayer circular annular ring patch (CARP). A CARP have been fabricated on FR4 substrate of dielectric constant 4.2 and thickness 1.52mm. Experimental resonant frequency impedance bandwidth and Axial ratio of simple CARP, covered CARP, spaced dielectric CARP and CARP with two superstrates have(More)
This paper presents an optically transparent circular shaped microstrip patch antenna. The transparent circular microstrip antenna comprises a thin sheet of soda lime glass substrate with conductive ITO film coating for radiating patch and ground plane and is feed through a CPW feeding technique. The circular shaped patch is modified by inserting inset(More)
This paper presents the effect on resonant frequency of multilayer circular annular ring microstrip antenna. Three nearly circular annular ring microstrip antennas (ARMSA) have been fabricated on FR4 substrate of dielectric constant 4.3 and thickness 1.53mm of various dimensions. Experimental resonant frequency of simple circular ARMSA, covered circular(More)
This paper presents planar modified circular slot antenna with asymmetric Y-shaped feeding technique. The CPW asymmetric Y-shaped feeding structure is electromagnetically coupled to the modified circular shaped radiating patch. The proposed antenna is made circularly polarized by innovative Y-shaped asymmetric arm feeding structure. The antenna covers the(More)
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