Jayaraman Jagadeesan

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INTRODUCTION Appendiceal anomalies are extremely rare: they have a reported incidence of between 0.004% and 0.009% of appendectomy specimens. The authors report a case of a patient who was found to have 2 appendices at emergency laparotomy, review the classification system used, and discuss the potential clinical pitfalls of similar cases. CASE REPORT A(More)
Diosgenin, a natural steroidal saponin, has been reported to be found predominantly in fenugreek and has diverse biological properties. N-Methyl-N-nitrosourea (NMU) is a mammary gland-specific carcinogen that closely mimics human breast cancer in many aspects. The aim of this study was to investigate the anticarcinogenic property of diosgenin with reference(More)
The use of topical negative pressure (TNP) dressings for sternal wound dehiscence or mediastinitis in the neonatal population is rare. The majority of case reports have focused on wound healing as an endpoint and have not discussed the physiological advantage that TNP dressings may impart with regard to sternal stabilisation, improved respiratory function(More)
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