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Jason D.Thompson R eduction of nonpoint source pollution of forest streams is a major issue in the forest products industry. Consequently, extensive research has been focused on documenting impacts of forest harvesting, road construction, and site preparation on water quality in forest streams. Researchers have found that roads create more pollution, in the(More)
Using the Crystal BaII detect& operating at, the DORIS II storage ring we have measured the lept.onic partial widths Ice of the Y (1 S) and Y (25) resonances. We find I’,,(Y(lS)) = 1.34 f 0.03 i 0.06 keV and I',,(T(2S)) = 0.56 IL 0.04 & 0.02 keV. The effect on I,, of applying different prescriptions for radiative corrections is discussed. We also measure R,(More)