Jayaprakash Narayan

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The use of response cards during large-group social studies instruction was evaluated in a fourth-grade classroom. The experiment consisted of two conditions, hand raising and write-on response cards, alternated in an ABAB design. During baseline, the teacher called upon 1 student who had raised his or her hand in response to the teacher's question. During(More)
A new approach to single channel speech enhancement is proposed using a modified a priori SNR and spectral gain control. The proposed approach is first directed toward finding self adaptive averaging factor to estimate the apriori SNR. Next, spectral gain is reduced in order to suppress effects of the noise in the speech absent frames. Further, in the(More)
This article concerns the 20th century saga of Ayurvedic Education up to the current situation, based on a general appreciation of knowledge in Ayurveda. In this light, it considers how to improve quality of teaching and teachers. This is most important, because in education, teachers are the custodians of tradition and knowledge. As those most responsible(More)
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