Jayaprakash Narayan

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This article studies Delay tolerant networks (DTNs) where each node knows the probabilistic distribution of contacts with other nodes. Delay tolerant networks are characterized by the sporadic connectivity between their nodes and therefore the lack of stable end-to-end paths from source to destination. Since the future node connections are mostly unknown in(More)
The use of response cards during large-group social studies instruction was evaluated in a fourth-grade classroom. The experiment consisted of two conditions, hand raising and write-on response cards, alternated in an ABAB design. During baseline, the teacher called upon 1 student who had raised his or her hand in response to the teacher's question. During(More)
The noise signal does not affect uniformly the speech signal over the whole spectrum isn the case of colored noise. In order to deal with speech improvement in such situations a new spectral subtraction algorithm is proposed for reducing colored noise from noise corrupted speech. The spectrum is divided into frequency sub-bands based on a nonlinear(More)
This article concerns the 20th century saga of Ayurvedic Education up to the current situation, based on a general appreciation of knowledge in Ayurveda. In this light, it considers how to improve quality of teaching and teachers. This is most important, because in education, teachers are the custodians of tradition and knowledge. As those most responsible(More)
— A peer-to-peer (P2P) network is a distributed system in which peers employ distributed resources to perform a critical function in a decentralized fashion. As the peers participating in unstructured networks interconnect randomly, they rely on flooding query messages to discover objects of interest and thus introduce remarkable network traffic. The(More)
—The simultaneous data transmission in internet [14] without packet loss very much depends upon congestion control [11]. A series of protocols and algorithms [15] have been introduced for controlling congestion. The network congestion plays a major role in data communication. The performance of the network [13] will be improved by controlling packet loss(More)
The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) carries most Internet traffic, so performance of the Internet depends to a great extent on how well TCP works. Performance characteristics of a particular version of TCP are defined by the congestion control algorithm it employs. This paper presents a survey of various congestion control proposals that preserve the(More)
An explorative work on texture feature extraction through oblong aperture for the non random type of texture images is presented in this paper. These features are further useful for segmenting the texture regions using the level set framework. The statistical moment descriptors are obtained within a small aperture and are embedded into a level set frame(More)