Jayaprakash D Patil

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Objective. To detect presence of MB2 canal in maxillary molars and distolingual canal in mandibular molars by Dental CT. Material and Methods. A retrospective study of 100 Dental CTs was done. Axial and paraxial images obtained were used to assess the presence of MB2 canal in maxillary molars and distolingual canal in mandibular molars. Results. The(More)
AIM The present study compares the marginal adaption of Mineral Trioxide Aggregate (MTA), Glass Ionomer Cement (GIC) and Intermediate Restorative Material (IRM) as root-end filling materials in extracted human teeth using Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM). MATERIALS AND METHODS Thirty single rooted human teeth were obturated with Gutta-percha after(More)
Aim:To evaluate the use of autologous substances such as platelet concentrates and calcium silicate based materials in promoting the healing and regeneration of the inflamed pulp.Vital pulpotomy was performed on carious, mandibular first permanent molar diagnosed with chronic irreversible pulpitis. Taking into consideration the patient’s age and the(More)
Minimum alveolar concentration (MAC) has been traditionally used to measure the potency of an inhalational anesthetic agent. Recently, bispectral index (BIS) derived from the frontal cortical electroencephalogram has been used frequently for quantifying the hypnotic component of anesthesia. The present study was designed to examine the BIS values produced(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the antibacterial and antifungal properties of calcium-based cement, Biodentine (Ca3SiO2), compared to commercial glass ionomer cements (GICs) and mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA). MATERIALS AND METHODS Pellets of GICs, ProRoot MTA, and Biodentine were prepared to test the influence of these cements on the growth of four oral(More)
The effect of CaCO3 and organic matter on the availability of iron and manganese was studied on sorghum (Sorghum bicolor). Addition of calcium carbonate caused significant decrease in dry matter and grain yield. But yields tended to increase with the addition of organic matter at the rate of 15 t/ha. The iron concentration decreased with the addition of(More)
High injection pressure is one of the warning signs of intraneural injection, with animal models suggesting pressures higher than 69 or 176 kPa as high risk, and is normally detected subjectively and inaccurately. We describe a system improvised from common clinical components that uses Boyle’s law to objectively measure injection pressure. The objectives(More)
Dental traumatic injuries may affect the teeth and alveolar bone directly or indirectly. Pulpal necrosis and chronic and apical periodontitis with cystic changes are the most common sequelae of the dental traumatic injuries, if the teeth are not treated immediately. This case report focuses on the conventional and surgical management of mandibular central(More)
AIM This aim of this study was to evaluate the number of bacteria extruded apically during root canal preparation using Four Rotary instrumentation techniques. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 50 extracted mandibular premolars were selected, access cavities prepared and inserted in to rubber stoppers of 10 mL glass vial. Root canals were contaminated with(More)
INTRODUCTION Exploration and determination of the relationship between stature and length of tooth is essential in Paleontology, Forensic Odontology and Endodontology. This study aimed to determine any association between stature and posterior tooth length in a group of patients who required root canal treatment. METHODS Age, sex and standing height of(More)