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The growing threat of cyber attacks, especially the DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service Attack) makes the IP Traceback very much prevalent to today's Internet security. IP Traceback is one of the security concerns that is associated with finding out the true origin of the attack/attacker. This process is very cumbersome as the IP addresses in most cases are(More)
Association rule mining finds the strong association between the large items of data sets. In this paper we mainly focus on the privacy using Ck secure sum in randomized response technique. Because when the data is distributed among different sites in horizontal partitioning across multiple sites and the sites wish to collaborate to identify valid(More)
Advancement of technology and use of distributed database has made an increasing concern about privacy of private data. Collaboration and team work brings huge and demanding result. But organizations are unwilling to participate for data mining due to data leakage. For availing huge demanding result, it is required to use and collect data from different(More)
Data mining technology has emerged as a means of identifying patterns and trends from large quantities of data. Mining association rule is important data mining problem. Association rule mining algorithms are used to discover important knowledge from databases. Privacy concept occurs when the data is distributed in environment and association rule also(More)
This paper presents a symmetric key cryptography technique that uses cellular automata(CA). Proposed cryptosystem has been implemented in C. State transitions of programmable cellular automata (PCA) are the basis to define certain fundamental transformations to encrypt and decrypt in the cryptographic system. Different rule configurations are used to form(More)
The information age has enabled many organizations to gather huge volumes of data. A scenario in which two parties owning confidential databases wish to run a data mining algorithm on the union of their databases, without illuminating any unnecessary information requires the protection of the privileged information. The aim of a classification problem is to(More)
Data privacy has been the primary concern since the distributed database came into the picture. More than two parties have to compile their data for data mining process without revealing to the other parties. Continuous advancement in mobile networks and positioning technologies have created a strong challenge for location-based applications. Challenges(More)
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