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This paper presents a new technique for color enhancement in the compressed domain. The proposed technique is simple but more effective than some of the existing techniques reported earlier. The novelty lies in this case in its treatment of the chromatic components, while previous techniques treated only the luminance component. The results of all previous(More)
—In this paper a low cost, high gain, low cross-polar and compact edge feed printed elliptical antenna with a partial ground plane and parasitic patches is proposed and investigated. The proposed antenna is fabricated on a 1.6 mm thick FR4 substrate with dielectric constant of 4.4 and loss tangent of 0.025. The total planar area of the proposed antenna (L ×(More)
Red, orange and yellow are termed as warm colors. A study regarding role of warm colors on visual attention is reported in this paper. Distributions of chromatic features (hue and saturation) are found to be different for warm colors that draw attention and those do not. It is observed that likelihood of drawing attention by a warm color depends on both of(More)