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We have demonstrated a highly-efficient cladding-pumped ytterbium-doped fiber laser generating 1.36 kW of continuous-wave output power at 1.1 mum with 83% slope efficiency and near diffraction-limited beam quality. The laser was end-pumped through both fiber ends and showed no evidence of roll-over even at the highest output power, which was limited only by(More)
Photodarkening of Yb-doped aluminosilicate fibers by continuous wave 488 nm irradiation was investigated. The irradiation induced significant excess loss in the UV-visible spectroscopy (VIS) region in Yb-doped aluminosilicate fibers while pure aluminosilicate fibers showed negligible induced loss. Ultraviolet-VIS-near-infrared spectroscopy revealed an(More)
We present a cladding-pumped single-frequency, single-mode erbium:ytterbium codoped fiber master-oscillator power amplifier source generating up to 151 W of continuous-wave output power at 1563 nm with 33% slope efficiency and 20 dB gain. This source was also tunable and had a stable operation range of 1546 to 1566 nm at an output power level in excess of(More)
An Er:Yb codoped fiber amplifier chain for the generation of pulses for coherent lidar applications at a wavelength near 1.5 microm is reported. The final 1.8-m-long power amplification stage had a 50-microm core diameter and yielded a 23-dB energy gain, resulting in 0.29-mJ, 100-ns pulses at a repetition rate of 4 kHz with no Brillouin scattering and an M2(More)
We demonstrate a Q-switched, cladding-pumped, Nd:Al-doped silica depressed clad hollow optical fiber (DCHOF) laser, which generated up to 133 microJ of pulse energy at a repetition rate of 5 kHz and 0.9 W of average output power at a high repetition rate (>20 kHz) in a diffraction-limited beam (M(2)=1.08) at 927 nm. The laser was tunable from 919 to 935 nm.(More)
Withania somnifera root extract has been used traditionally in ayurvedic system of medicine as a memory enhancer. Present study explores the ameliorative effect of withanolide A, a major component of withania root extract and its molecular mechanism against hypoxia induced memory impairment. Withanolide A was administered to male Sprague Dawley rats before(More)
We have fabricated an ytterbium doped all-glass double-clad large mode area holey fiber. A highly efficient cladding pumped single transverse mode holey fiber laser has been demonstrated, allowing continuous-wave output powers in excess of 1W with efficiencies of more than 80%. Furthermore both Q-switched and mode-locked operation of the laser have been(More)
In this work a volume Bragg grating is used as a wavelength selective element in a high-power cladding-pumped Yb-doped silica fiber laser. The laser produced 138 W of linearly-polarized single-spatial-mode output at 1066 nm with a relatively narrow linewidth of 0.2 nm for approximately 202 W of launched pump power at 976 nm. The beam propagation factor(More)
We report a high power narrow-linewidth source at approximately 2 microm based on a Tm-doped fiber distributed-feedback master-oscillator and three Tm fiber amplifier stages. The master-oscillator and first two amplifier stages were in-band pumped by Er,Yb fiber lasers operating at 1565 nm, and the final stage amplifier was cladding-pumped at 795 nm by two(More)
Efficient high-power operation of double-clad Er,Yb-doped fiber lasers with fixed-wavelength and wavelength-tunable resonator configurations using volume Bragg gratings for wavelength selection are reported. The fixed-wavelength laser yielded a maximum output power of 103 W at 1552.6 nm with a linewidth of ~0.4 nm (FWHM) for a launched pump power of 290 W(More)