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In an attempt to differentiate between three important but clinically similar conditions of exudative ascites like tuberculous peritonitis, spontaneous bacterial peritonitis (SBP) and malignant ascites, we evaluated the biochemical parameters of ascitic fluid as a diagnostic aid. The serum ascitic albumin gradient (SAAG), lactate dehydrogenase (LDH), pH,(More)
Melnick-Needles syndrome or osteodysplasty, a monogenic heritable bone dysplasia, is characterized by a typical facies and characteristic radiological findings. Less than 70 well-documented cases have been reported in literature; most of them were sporadic. We report the first case from Eastern India in an adolescent male, who had cranio-vertebral junction(More)
A 17 years female presented with painless progressive swelling of both the parotid regions for last two years. The swelling started first on the left side and within next three months, also appeared on the right side. She also had few episodes of self-limited epistaxis of brief duration during that period. For last few weeks, patient also noticed difficulty(More)
History.?A Hindu boy, aged 5 years, had measleslike eruptions in February last when an epidemic of measles was raging. The eruptions faded away after 4 days and the boy was given normal diet. On the night of 24th February, 1931, he suddenly became delirious with a temperature of 103?, tympanites, suppression of urine, etc. Next morning he began getting fits(More)
Previous history.?M., aged 30, noticed a bubo on his left groin and within 4 or 5 days a superficial small broken pimple on the corona of his penis, in August 1930. A local doctor administered antisyphilitic treatment and opened the bubo after three weeks. No pus was detected in the bubo and the wound began to spread on all sides. Multiple nodules and(More)
Retroverted uterus, gravid as well as non?ravid, was the cause of total intestinal ?bstruction in the following three cases:? Oa.se 1.?Girl, aged 16 years, complained-of constiparl0n during each menstrual period which was painful oK-'? ^ beginning and rather scanty. Total intestinal ??^ruction set in last September with a tender lower c'omen and slight(More)
sni any impression being made on his fever or Aeen' a blood count was done. To our surprise^ a endid picture of myeloid leukaemia was observed. Hemoglobin .. 60 per cent, fed blood corpuscles ? ? 2,440,000 per c.mm. White blood corpuscles ?? 360,000 per c.mm. Differential count? Polynuclears .. ? ? 0 Per cen^ Lymphocytes .. ? ? 23 Per centLarge mononuclears(More)
The effect of megestrol acetate, administered in daily doses of .5 mg, on urinary steroid levels was studied before, during, and after therapy in 4 women volunteers. In each case, pregnanediol levels were reduced, though ovulatory biphasic patterns, as reflected in basal body temperature patterns, were apparent in the majority of the cycles, which suggests(More)