Jayanta Bhattacharya

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This paper proposes two new approaches of hand gesture recognition which will recognize sign language gestures in a real time environment. A hybrid feature descriptor, which combines the advantages of SURF & Hu Moment Invariant methods, is used as a combined feature set to achieve a good recognition rate along with a low time complexity. To further increase(More)
—The detection of fine feature from an image is often challenging.Generally,the smoothing filters used for the purpose are inadequate for such applications with the exception of bilateral and mean shift filter.A new smoothing filter termed Gaussian Maxima Filter(GMF) , developed and presented here shows better performance in preserving fine features even(More)
The presented paper is based on a new technology, QCA (Quantum-dot Cellular Automata), a promising successor for CMOS transistor technology. The implementation of logic circuits by the traditional devices (eg. transistors, diodes and resistors are replaced by quantum devices (quantum dots or single domain nano magnets). The use of quantum-dots is a(More)
The huge demand in online transactions calls for a secure, safe and accurate authentication system. The biometric system such as face, iris, fingerprint, gait has already replaced the existing manual inspection process and surveillance systems in many disciplines. Amongst all these biometrics, face is more attractive as it provides information such as(More)
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