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We consider the method of Reduction of Dissipativity Domain to prove global Lyapunov stability of Discrete Time Recurrent Neural Networks. The standard and advanced criteria for Absolute Stability of these essentially nonlinear systems produce rather weak results. The method mentioned above is proved to be more powerful. It involves a multi-step procedure(More)
The collection of information from the space is too difficult because of the huge difference in the environment from earth. From studies researchers concluded space operational robotics (SOR) helps a lot for information gathering through space. In this paper, space operational robotics collected information from the space and send to earth for the further(More)
This paper discussed about different types of offline cloud technologies uses in different types of offline cloud services. Authors designed a new methodology named “SMOCUNM” (Security Mechanism for offline cloud user at near line mode) for implementing the security feature at Near Line mode in offline cloud services. Near Line mode actually provides saved(More)
Capacity building through training, research, and exchange of information are the three priority areas of South to South cooperation in population that are closely linked together. Capacity building cannot be done without sharing of information on both technical and operational experiences. This article discusses four ways of exchanging information,(More)
We consider a nonconvex optimization problem arising in the theory of global asymptotic stability of discrete time recurrent neural networks. Under certain weak conditions on the transfer functions we proved that corresponding nonconvex cost function has at most one point of local maximum over every hyperplane. We derived sufficient conditions for existence(More)
Migration has various dimensions; urbanization due to migration is one of them. In Rajasthan State, District level analysis of urbanization due to migrants shows trend invariably for all the districts of the state though the contribution in urbanization by the migrants varies from district to district. In some districts the share of migrants moving to urban(More)