Jayant Parthasarathy

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This paper describes a novel technique to realize an integrated CMOS bio-potential amplifier with a feedforward DC cancellation topology. The amplifier is designed to provide substantial DC cancellation even while amplifying very low frequency signals. More than 80 dB offset rejection ratio is achieved without any external capacitors. The cancellation(More)
This paper reports the design of a battery-operated, high bandwidth, multi-channel wireless medical telemetry system. The system is capable of transmitting 2.3 Mbps of raw streaming data using the IEEE 802.11b protocol. In a typical application, the system was used to collect data from micro-wire electrodes implanted in the ventral striatum of an awake and(More)
The system design of a compressed sensing (CS) based source encoding system for data compression in wireless sensor applications. The trade-off between the required transmission energy (compression performance) and desired recovered signal quality in the presence of practical non-idealities such as quantization noise, input signal noise and channel errors.(More)
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