Jayant K Tripathi

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The glyoxalase system constitutes the major pathway for the detoxification of metabolically produced cytotoxin methylglyoxal (MG) into a non-toxic metabolite D-lactate. Glyoxalase I (GLY I) is an evolutionarily conserved metalloenzyme requiring divalent metal ions for its activity: Zn(2+) in the case of eukaryotes or Ni(2+) for enzymes of prokaryotic(More)
In the present study, storage proteins from five different wheat cultivars were extracted, fractionated and evaluated for their accumulation at different stages of development. SDS-PAGE analysis revealed that the accumulation of high molecular weight glutenin subunits was cultivar and stage dependent. However, low molecular weight glutenin subunits'(More)
The cellular levels of methylglyoxal (MG), a toxic byproduct of glycolysis, rise under various abiotic stresses in plants. Detoxification of MG is primarily through the glyoxalase pathway. The first enzyme of the pathway, glyoxalase I (GLYI), is a cytosolic metalloenzyme requiring either Ni2+ or Zn2+ for its activity. Plants possess multiple GLYI genes, of(More)
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