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For processing large amounts of data, management and switching of communications may contribute significantly to energy consumption and cloud computing seems to be an alternative to office-based computing. ABSTRACT | Network-based cloud computing is rapidly expanding as an alternative to conventional office-based computing. As cloud computing becomes more(More)
—In this paper, we present a new method for the estimation of blocking probabilities in bufferless optical burst or packet switched networks. In such networks, deflection routing is used to reduce blocking probability. However, it requires certain wastage due to trunk reservation that must be used to avoid instability. We provide a wide range of simulation(More)
This article provides an overview of a network-based model of power consumption in Internet infrastructure. This model provides insight into how different parts of the Internet will contribute to network power as Internet access increase over time. The model shows that today the access network dominates the Internet's power consumption and, as access speeds(More)
ntil recently, research and development in the area of communications networks has been mainly targeted at functionality and performance. Only for battery-driven devices, such as mobile handsets and wireless sensors, was energy efficiency a significant consideration. This has changed significantly with the massive use of communications in public,(More)
—We develop a new analytical model for the estimation of blocking probabilities in OPS and OBS networks. The model is used to analyze the performance of a new deflection method that uses multiple wavelength channel reservation thresholds, and gives network designers greater control over the performance of the network. The accuracy of the analytical model is(More)
— One promising approach to Peak to Average Power Ratio (PAPR) reduction for Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) is the use of reserved tones, which are modulated so as to reduce the PAPR. One problem with this approach is the computationally efficient determination of reserved tone signals that best reduce the PAPR. In this paper we(More)
With the abrupt advancement in technology, every business organization aspires to migrate to cloud. The technology of cloud computing makes use of the huge data centers that present multiple issues such as extensive amounts of energy consumption, dissipation of lots of heat and methane, carbon dioxide, etc. like deadly greenhouse compounds and gases. In(More)
Today, the IGBT is pervasively used in the consumer, industrial, lighting, medical, transportation, aircraft , financial, and renewable power generation sectors of the economy resulting in enhanced comfort, convenience, and quality of life for billions of people from around the world. The cumulative impact of the improved efficiency of IGBT-enabled(More)