Jayakumar Kokila

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Keywords: Relative controllability Time delays Distributed delays Fractional derivative Mittag–Leffler function a b s t r a c t This paper is concerned with the controllability of nonlinear fractional dynamical systems with time varying multiple delays and distributed delays in control defined in finite dimensional spaces. Sufficient conditions for(More)
In the last three decades, interest in fractional calculus has experienced rapid growth and at present we can find many papers devoted its theoretical and application aspects (see the work of Machado et al. (2011) and the references therein). Fractional order models of real systems are often more adequate than the usually used integer order models in(More)
A mathematical model for the dynamical systems with delayed controls denoting time varying multiple delays plays a highly significant role because the control of the physical plant is, in contemporary systems, performed by the electronic micro controllers. Time delays are admitted in the study of biological and physiological systems as well as(More)
The Web has become an excellent source for assembling consumer opinions. There are now several Web sites containing such opinions, e.g., customer reviews of products, forums, discussion groups, and blogs. This paper focuses on online customer reviews of products. It makes two contributions. First, it proposes a framework for analyzing and comparing consumer(More)
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