Jayakrushna Sahoo

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Association rule mining among itemsets is a fundamental task and is of great importance in many data mining applications including attacks in network data, stock market, financial applications, bioinformatics to find genetic disorders, etc. However, association rule extraction from a reasonable-sized database produces a large number of rules. As a result,(More)
In recent years, high utility itemsets (HUIs) mining from the transactional databases becomes one of the most emerging research topic in the field of data mining due to its wide range of applications in online e-commerce data analysis, identifying interesting patterns in biomedical data and for cross marketing solutions in retail business. It aims to(More)
Performance analysis in every sport is essential to find out the weaknesses and strengths of the players. In a team game like cricket, analysis of career-data is indispensable to get the insight of the players' performance, which helps the selectors to do their job flawlessly and also helps the players' themselves to identify their weaknesses and their(More)
Traditional association rule mining based on the support-confidence framework provides the objective measure of the rules that are of interest to users. However, it does not reflect the utility of the rules. To extract non-redundant association rules in support-confidence framework frequent closed itemsets and their generators play an important role. To(More)
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