Jayakishan Meher

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The prediction of protein coding regions in DNA sequences is an important problem in computational biology. It is observed that nucleotides in the protein coding regions or exons of a DNA sequence show period-3 property. Hence identification of the period-3 regions helps in predicting the gene locations within the billions long DNA sequence of eu-karyotic(More)
The first step in gene identification problem based on genomic signal processing is to convert character strings into numerical sequences. These numerical sequences are then analysed spectrally or using digital filtering techniques for the period-3 peaks, which are present in exons (coding areas) and absent in introns (non-coding areas). In this paper, we(More)
Microarray data is inherently noisy due to the noise contaminated from various sources during the preparation of mi-croarray slide and thus it greatly affects the accuracy of the gene expression. How to eliminate the effect of the noise constitutes a challenging problem in microarray analysis. Efficient denoising is often a necessary and the first step to(More)
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