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We describe the fabrication of three-dimensional microstructures by means of capillary forces. Using an origami-like technique, planar silicon nitride structures of various geometries are folded to produce three-dimensional objects of 50– 100 ␮m. Capillarity is a particularly effective mechanism since surface tension forces dominate over bulk forces at(More)
Near Infrared reflectance spectroscopy, measuring reflectance value of the energy incident on a peanut sample over the wavelengths 400 nm to 2500 nm, is used to estimate the moisture content (MC) of in-shell peanuts non-destructively. A sample of Valencia type in-shell peanuts weighing about 150g was filled into the sample cup of the instrument and NIR(More)
A simple, low cost instrument that measures impedance and phase angle was used along with a parallel-plate capacitance system to estimate the moisture content (MC) of yellow corn. A sample of corn weighing about 100g was placed between the parallel-plate electrodes and the impedance and phase angle of the system were measured. A semi-empirical equation was(More)
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