Jaya Mallela

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UNLABELLED A near infrared (NIR) triggered drug delivery platform based on the chitosan-modified chemically reduced graphene oxide (CRGO) incorporated into a thermosensitive nanogel (CGN) was developed. CGN exhibited an NIR-induced thermal effect similar to that of CRGO, reversible thermo-responsive characteristics at 37-42 °C and high doxorubicin(More)
Natriuretic peptide receptor A (NPRA), the signaling receptor for the cardiac hormone, atrial natriuretic peptide (ANP), is expressed abundantly in inflamed/injured tissues and tumors. NPRA deficiency substantially decreases tissue inflammation and inhibits tumor growth. However, the precise mechanism of NPRA function and whether it links inflammation and(More)
Gene therapy is a promising therapeutic approach for treating disease, but the efficient delivery of genes to desired locations with minimal side effects remains a challenge. In addition to gene therapy, it is also highly desirable to provide sensitive imaging information in patients for disease diagnosis, screening and post-therapy monitoring. Here, we(More)
Gadolinium (Gd) contrast agents are predominantly used for T(1) MR imaging. However, the high toxicity of Gd(3+) and potential side effects including nephrogenic systemic fibrosis have led to the search for alternative T(1) contrast agents. Since manganese (Mn) has paramagnetic properties with five unpaired electrons that permit high spin number, long(More)
The development of a suitable three dimensional (3D) culture system for anticancer drug development remains an unmet need. Despite progress, a simple, rapid, scalable and inexpensive 3D-tumor model that recapitulates in vivo tumorigenesis is lacking. Herein, we report on the development and characterization of a 3D nanofibrous scaffold produced by(More)
Polymeric micelles (PMs) have shown promising applications for the drug delivery since they can improve the low water solubility of hydrophobic drugs, reduce toxicity of the drug, protect unstable drugs from degradation or metabolism, and prolong the time of blood circulation. The incorporation of drugs to PMs can fundamentally alter the drug's(More)
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