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The effects of including bovine lactoferrin (Lf) in the diet of the Asian catfish (Clarias batrachus) on specific and non-specific immunity as well as disease resistance were investigated. The catfish were fed four different diets for 2 weeks: a commercial diet as control and the same diet supplemented with 50, 100 and 200mg bovine Lf/kg feed. After 1 and 2(More)
In order to determine the efficacy and immunoreversal effect of the 4 dietary immunomodulators, viz. lactoferrin, beta-1,3 glucan, levamisole and vitamin C, on disease resistance of a commercially important catfish, Clarias batrachus, fish were fed diets supplemented with various levels of these substances in 2 subgroups, healthy and immunocompromised,(More)
Haemocyte count, phenoloxidase activity, agglutinin levels, total protein content, bacterial clearance efficiency, resistance to the pathogen Aeromonas hydrophila and nitrite stress were measured in the giant freshwater inter-moult sub-adult prawn Macrobrachium rosenbergii (15-20 g) which had been fed diets containing bovine lactoferrin (Lf) at 50, 100,(More)
Cyclophosphamide (CYP), a multifunctional alkylating agent is known as a potent immunosuppressor in endotherms. Here, an experiment was conducted in an ectothermic Asian catfish species, Clarias batrachus to investigate its effect on non-specific and specific immunity as well as disease resistance against a common bacterial pathogen challenge. CYP was(More)
Studies were conducted to determine the immunomodulatory effects of high dietary ascorbic acid (vitamin C) on growth, serum concentration, non-specific immune response and disease resistance of a commercially important Asian catfish, Clarias batrachus. Four practical diets were formulated to contain 0, 500, 1000 and 2000 mg ascorbic acid (AA) equivalent/kg(More)
This study investigated the effects of short and prolonged administration of a yeast beta-glucan on non-specific immune parameters, growth rate and the disease resistance of Asian catfish, Clarias batrachus. Fish fed with a basal diet (control) and test diet (basal diet supplemented with 0.1% glucan) for 1, 2 and 3 weeks were assayed for superoxide(More)
Transferrin partial complementary DNAs were cloned from the livers of five species in four genera of Indian carps (Indian major carp species: Labeo rohita, Catla catla and Cirrhinus mrigala; medium carp: Puntius sarana; minor carp: Labeo bata) subsequent to polymerase chain reaction amplification with published heterologous primers or self-designed primers(More)
This retrospective study was conducted to assess the serum lipase / amylase ratio in acute pancreatitis for South Indian population attending the clinics of Gastroenterology and Emergency medicine in the last five years. One thousand one hundred and thirty two patients (768 males and 364 females) with acute pancreatitis (AP) were selected for the study. The(More)
Live non-opsonized and opsonized Aeromonas hydrophila were injected into juveniles of freshwater prawn Macrobrachium rosenbergii to study the cells involved in phagocytosis, distribution of bacteria, cellular reactions and clearance of both forms of bacteria from the system. The bacteria were rapidly distributed to various tissues viz., gills, heart,(More)
A series of experiments were performed to determine the impact of polyherbal immunomodulatory formulation 'ImmuPlus' (AquaImmu) on growth, immunity and disease resistance of rohu (Labeo rohita), one of the Indian major carp at different stages of growth. Rohu larvae were fed on plankton, ImmuPlus-mixed compound feed, and plankton plus ImmuPlus-mixed(More)