Jaya Jayanta Mukherjee

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Rathke's cleft cysts are cystic sellar and suprasellar lesions, characteristically lined by a single layer of ciliated cuboidal or columnar epithelium. In contrast, craniopharyngiomass, which are also cystic sellar and suprasellar lesions, are characteristically lined by stratified squamous epithelium with keratinization on a layer of connective tissue. The(More)
OBJECTIVE Meta-iodo-benzyl-guanidine labelled with 131-iodine [(131)I-mIBG] has been used extensively for imaging tumours originating from the neural crest but experience with its therapeutic use is limited, particularly for non-catecholamine secreting tumours. In order to assess the therapeutic response and potential adverse effects of the therapeutic(More)
A comparison has been made of [(123)I]meta-iodobenzylguanidine ([(123)I]MIBG) and [(111)In]pentetreotide scintigraphy in 54 patients with a variety of neuroendocrine tumors of whom 46 patients had metastatic disease. [(111)In]Pentetreotide scintigraphy was more sensitive in detecting metastatic lesions, as demonstrated on computed tomography and/or magnetic(More)
Pituitary tumors are mostly benign lesions, although 5-35% are locally invasive. A small number exhibit a more aggressive course, infiltrating dura, bone and sinuses, and are designated highly aggressive. However, the presence of metastases separate from the pituitary in the central nervous system or at a distance is necessary to designate pituitary tumors(More)
OBJECTIVE Combination chemotherapy with the two agents streptozotocin (SZT), which is a nitrosurea, and 5-fluorouracil (5-FU), an alkylating agent, has a long-established role in the treatment of neuroendocrine tumours; however, it is often accompanied by considerable toxicity, and it has not been assessed in a comparative manner with other current(More)
Neuroendocrine tumours have a particular tendency to express functional receptors and/or uptake mechanisms. Radionuclides, such as 123I-MIBG, which is taken up by a specific uptake mechanism, and 111In-pentetreotide, which binds to somatostatin receptors, present an imaging modality based on these physiological characteristics rather on purely anatomical(More)
A non-obese patient who was admitted initially with hypoglycemia had multiple episodes of cardiopulmonary arrests requiring resuscitations and a short period of mechanical ventilation. A subsequent sleep study confirmed the diagnosis of severe obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and documented an episode of near-arrest with cerebral hypoxia during rapid eye(More)
Menstrual irregularity is common in women with acromegaly, occurring in 40-84%. Although it has been attributed to gonadotropin deficiency and/or PRL excess, it has not been evaluated in detail, and its pathogenesis is not well understood. To explore the various possible pathogenic mechanisms, we have analyzed the clinical, endocrinological, and(More)
The incidence of lactose intolerance in 60 patients with idiopathic ulcerative colitis (IUC) from northern India and the effect of disease activity and extent of colonic involvement on the occurrence of lactose intolerance, was studied. Twenty controls matched for age and sex were also studied using 50 g lactose hydrogen breath test. The incidence of(More)