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BACKGROUND The present randomized controlled trial was conducted to evaluate acellular dermal matrix (ADM) graft in terms of patient satisfaction and its effectiveness and efficiency in the treatment of gingival recession. METHODS Fourteen patients (seven males and seven females) with Miller Class I and II recessions > or =3 mm participated in this(More)
AIMS The purpose of the present study was to evaluate and compare the clinical outcome of infrabony defects following reconstructive surgery with the use of tricalcium phosphate (TCP) alone; TCP and citric acid (CA) root conditioning; and TCP, CA, and oxidized regenerated cellulose (ORC) membrane. MATERIALS AND METHODS Thirty-nine systemically healthy(More)
OBJECTIVES Human gingival fibroblasts (hGFs) play a major role in the maintenance and repair of gingival connective tissue. The mitogen insulin with IGFs etc. synergizes in facilitating wound repair. Although curcumin (CUR) and insulin regulate apoptosis, their impact as a combination on hGF in wound repair remains unknown. Our study consists of: 1)(More)
Jalili syndrome (JS) (MIM#217080) is a rare genetic disorder characterized by the comorbid appearance of cone-rod dystrophy (CORD) and amelogenesis imperfecta (AI). JS is an autosomal recessive inherited disorder caused by different mutations, all with a linkage at achromatopsia locus 2 q11 on the metal transporter gene CNNM4. The case report presented here(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of the present study was to clinically evaluate the efficacy of bovine-derived hydroxyapatite (HA) combined with Cissus quadrangularis (CQ), as compared to bovine-derived hydroxyapatite alone in the treatment of intrabony defects. MATERIALS AND METHODS Twenty patients with one intrabony defect each were selected for this study. After(More)
BACKGROUND The discovery of leptin has led to the elucidation of a robust physiologic system that not only maintains fat stores but is also an integral part of the host defense mechanism. However, leptin concentrations in the saliva of patients with chronic periodontitis (CP) has not been explored despite the potential role of salivary biomarkers in(More)
Turmeric has been in use for thousands of years as a dye, flavouring and a medicinal herb. Ancient Indian medicine has touted turmeric as an herb with the ability to provide glow and lustre to the skin as well as vigour and vitality to the entire body. Since turmeric has antimicrobial, antioxidant, astringents and other useful properties, it is quite useful(More)
SUMMARY Leptin concentrations are altered in favour of pro health after periodontal therapy. BACKGROUND Leptin, a non-glycosylated peptide hormone, not only maintains fat stores, but is also an integral part of host defense repertoire. Leptin levels have been found to be altered in an array of inflammatory diseases including chronic periodontitis (CP),(More)
Probiotics utilize the naturally occurring bacteria to confer health benefits. Traditionally, probiotics have been associated with gut health, and are being mainly utilized for prevention or treatment of gastrointestinal infections and disease; however, recently, several studies have suggested the use of probiotics for oral health purposes. The aim of this(More)
BACKGROUND Growth factors such as platelet-derived growth factors exert potent effect on wound healing including the regeneration of periodontium. Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) membrane provides a concentrate of such growth factors, accelerating the wound healing process. MATERIALS AND METHODS In this case report, regeneration of the deep periodontal(More)