Jay Schmidt

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A new high speed quantum efficiency apparatus using a solid state lightsource is introduced, and the measurement stability is evaluated via a gauge study. Several experiments are chosen to explore the new types of information that can be acquired in real time. Light induced degradation of cells is evaluated, providing insight into the regions of cell that(More)
The topic of hotspots in solar cells has gained recent press [1], and is garnering a degree of industry attention due to the link between hotspots and module failure modes such as laminate damage (bubbles) or permanent localized cell degradation. Hotspot detection is not new to the industry, although the methods have improved considerably [2] as infrared(More)
Flash Quantum Efficiency — a technique used to simultaneously measure full spectrum external quantum efficiency (EQE), Reflectance (R), and Transmittance (T), has been introduced in two prior publications [1,2]. The method uses a novel architecture to simultaneously modulate a bank of solid state lightsources and measure, in real time, the cell(More)
Recent research from our lab has shown that gaze patterns of subjects viewing color photographs are predictive of scene category. Here we ask if this result extends to grayscale photographs and line drawings. 77 participants viewed grayscale photographs and line drawings of real-world scenes. In a leave-one-subject-out cross validation analysis, viewed(More)
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