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OBJECTIVE To develop a novel prenatal assay based on selective analysis of cell-free DNA in maternal blood for evaluation of fetal Trisomy 21 (T21) and Trisomy 18 (T18). METHODS Two hundred ninety-eight pregnancies, including 39 T21 and seven T18 confirmed fetal aneuploidies, were analyzed using a novel, highly multiplexed assay, termed digital analysis(More)
  • J Sandler
  • 1983
This paper adopts the standpoint that psychoanalytic theory has been in a state of continuous organic development from the beginning, with states of theoretical strain being generated with each new advance in theory. The meaning of concepts becomes stretched, and psychoanalysts develop implicit theories, concepts and definitions that differ from the(More)
Serotonin, ascorbic acid, and carbamylcholine enhanced the chemotactic responsiveness of human monocytes to endotoxin-treated serum. These agents caused significant accumulation of cyclic GMP in monocytes. PMN leukocyte chemotaxis was also enhanced by these agents although significant increases in cyclic GMP were not demonstrated.
Preincubation of eosinophils with 10(-5) M or higher concentrations of histamine inhibited the eosinophil chemotactic response to endotoxin-activated serum whether by using the nucleopore filter assay and counting the cells migrating through the filter, or by using the Zigmond-Hirsch assay and counting the cells at each 10-mum interval. When the H2-receptor(More)