Jay S. Rajan

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BACKGROUND Effective national and global HIV responses require a significant expansion of HIV testing and counselling (HTC) to expand access to prevention and care. Facility-based HTC, while essential, is unlikely to meet national and global targets on its own. This article systematically reviews the evidence for community-based HTC. METHODS AND FINDINGS(More)
Amine end-modified poly(β-amino ester)s (PBAEs) have generated interest as efficient, biodegradable polymeric carriers for plasmid DNA (pDNA). For cationic, non-degradable polymers, such as polyethylenimine (PEI), the polymer molecular weight (MW) and molecular weight distribution (MWD) significantly affect transfection activity and cytotoxicity. The effect(More)
Power transformers are failing due to the formation and migration of copper sulphide in to paper insulation. The copper sulphide is formed due to the interaction of sulphur present in the oil with copper conductor. This paper presents FEM simulation of the copper sulphide contaminated model of paper oil insulation and analysis of the consequent field(More)
The role of Mercaptans in causing copper corrosion is investigated and discussed in this paper. The performance of transformer oil samples has been investigated by conventional accelerated thermalelectrical ageing of paper oil insulation. Discharge measurements have been carried out using PD technique and variation of statistical parameters of discharges(More)
The Recovery voltage measurement technique was used to investigate the polarization processes in the dielectric to assess the insulation ageing. Two different types of insulation systems are evaluated, resin poor and resin rich mica composites. This paper presents and discusses the data on polarization and depolarization characteristics of thermally(More)
This paper discusses the dielectric behavior of paper oil insulation using results of polarization and depolarization current measurements of model transformer windings. The effect of temperature, moisture, additives and thermal ageing on the polarization and depolarization current is discussed. This paper also provides a methodology for interpretation of(More)
This paper discusses the results of Frequency Domain Spectroscopy of paper-oil insulation of model transformers at higher temperatures. The variations in tan δ and real and imaginary part of complex permittivity with respect to copper sulphide contamination of paper oil insulation of laboratory model windings at higher temperatures are presented and(More)
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