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Background: Breast lump is the most common reason for presenting to surgery department. It is a source of great anxiety to a female when it is discovered. This study aims at a clinico-pathologicExpand
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Ontogenetic changes in pharyngeal morphology correlate with a diet shift from arthropods to dreissenid mussels in round gobies (Neogobius melanostomus)
Abstract The potential of predators to regulate populations of dreissenid mussels ( Dreissena polymorpha and Dreissena rostriformis bugensis ) has been addressed since early in the dreissenidExpand
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Determination of Total Metallic Mercury in Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs)
The United States Environmental Protection Agency/Environmental Response Team (US EPA/ERT), in conjunction with St. John's College, Dr B R Ambedkar University, Agra, India, is conducting a study toExpand
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Carbon Dioxide Reduction to Alcohols using Perovskite‐Type Electrocatalysts
Electrochemical reduction of under ambient conditions to methanol, ethanol, and n‐propanol is reported at perovskite‐type electrocatalysts when incorporated into gas diffusion electrodes. In theExpand
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18 Pulse Uncontrolled Rectifier
In this project, a 18 pulse rectifier has been designed for high voltage application. Three 3 -phase are obtained from a single three phase source using zig-zag inter connection of conventionalExpand
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Manual of Cataract Surgery
Preoperative evaluation anesthesia instrumentation preoperative considerations incisions anterior capsulotomy planned extracapsular cataract extraction posterior chamber phacoemulsificationExpand
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Did I miss that: subtle and commonly missed findings on chest radiographs.
This article reviews examples of easily missed, subtle, or ambiguous lesions on chest radiography. Anecdotally, reliance on cross-sectional imaging has diminished radiologists׳ comfort level withExpand
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Rotator Phases and Surface Crystallization in α-Eicosene
The rotator phases and surface crystallization of α-eicosene were studied using surface and bulk X-ray scattering techniques as well as surface tensiometry. The α-olefin differs from the n-alkane inExpand
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Esomeprazole 40mg Capsules are Bioequivalent when Administered Intact or as the Contents Mixed with Applesauce
ObjectiveThis study was conducted to determine whether administration of the contents of an open capsule of esomeprazole (enteric-coated pellets) 40mg with applesauce is bioequivalent toExpand
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A new ring-shape high-temperature superconducting trapped-field magnet
This paper presents a new trapped-field magnet made of second-generation high-temperature superconducting (2G HTS) rings. This so-called ring-shape 2G HTS magnet has the potential to provide muchExpand
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