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BACKGROUND Electromagnetic fields generated by electrical devices may cause interference with permanent pacemakers. Media players are becoming a common mode of portable entertainment. The most common media players used worldwide are iPods. These devices are often carried in a shirt chest pocket, which may place the devices close to an implanted pacemaker.(More)
The implantable loop recorder has been shown to be a cost-effective tool for diagnosis of intermittent cardiovascular symptoms such as syncope and palpitations. Electromagnetic interference in these recorders may be caused by commonly encountered electronic devices such as antitheft electronic surveillance systems and magnetic resonance imaging cameras. In(More)
BACKGROUND Contemporary implantable heart rhythm devices communicate multiple complex data simultaneously using radiofrequency telemetry. Interference in communication can expose them to the risk of potential corruption, leading to adverse clinical consequences. METHODS & RESULTS We studied the characteristics of interference with uplink (real time(More)
BACKGROUND Electrical devices generate electromagnetic fields that may interfere with pacemakers. Media players cause telemetry interference with pacemakers, but it is not known whether they cause direct interference with pacemakers. The purpose of this study was to examine the interaction between pacemakers and 3 different media players. METHODS In this(More)
The implantable loop recorder is a useful diagnostic tool for intermittent cardiovascular symptoms because it can automatically record arrhythmias as well as a patient-triggered ECG. Media players have been shown to cause telemetry interference with pacemakers. Telemetry interference may be important in patients with implantable loop recorders because(More)
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