Jay P. Greene

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The extinct p-process nuclide (146)Sm serves as an astrophysical and geochemical chronometer through measurements of isotopic anomalies of its α-decay daughter (142)Nd. Based on analyses of (146)Sm/(147)Sm α-activity and atom ratios, we determined the half-life of (146)Sm to be 68 ± 7 (1σ) million years, which is shorter than the currently used value of 103(More)
Hookworms are a leading cause of anemia in developing countries, and a strategy aimed at reducing pathology caused by blood-feeding adult parasites would be a valuable addition to global control efforts. This article describes experiments designed to induce resistance to the major clinical sequelae (weight loss and anemia) of Ancylostoma ceylanicum hookworm(More)
We have demonstrated Zeeman slowing and capture of neutral 225Ra and 226Ra atoms in a magneto-optical trap. The intercombination transition 1S0-->3P1 is the only quasicycling transition in radium and was used for laser-cooling and trapping. Repumping along the 3D1-->1P1 transition extended the lifetime of the trap from milliseconds to seconds.(More)