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Interaction between zonal populations of articular chondrocytes suppresses chondrocyte mineralization and this process is mediated by PTHrP.
OBJECTIVE Articular cartilage is separated from subchondral bone by the tidemark and a calcified cartilage zone. Advancement of the calcified region and tidemark duplication are both hallmarks ofExpand
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A Non-disruptive Technology for Robust 3D Tool Tracking for Ultrasound-Guided Interventions
In the past decade ultrasound (US) has become the preferred modality for a number of interventional procedures, offering excellent soft tissue visualization. The main limitation however is limitedExpand
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Fresnel-based beamforming for low-cost portable ultrasound
In this paper, we propose a modified electronic Fresnel-based beamforming method for low-cost portable ultrasound systems. This method uses a unique combination of analog and digital beamformingExpand
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An Ultrasonic Navigation System for Endovascular Aortic Repair
The objective of our research is to develop an ultrasound, time-of-flight triangulation based system for real-time, intraoperative 3-dimensional tracking of minimally invasive surgical instruments.Expand
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Design and in vitro evaluation of a real-time catheter localization system using time of flight measurements from seven 3.5 MHz single element ultrasound transducers towards abdominal aortic aneurysm
Interventional surgical instrument localization is a crucial component of minimally invasive surgery. Image guided surgery researchers are investigating devices broadly categorized as surgicalExpand
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Stereotactic endovascular aortic navigation with a novel ultrasonic-based three-dimensional localization system.
BACKGROUND Endovascular aortic procedures have been developed to treat many aortic diseases effectively. However, these procedures are also becoming increasingly complex given the development ofExpand
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The influence of stents on the performance of an ultrasonic navigation system for endovascular procedures.
OBJECTIVE Image-guided surgery provides a mechanism to accurately and quickly assess the location of surgical tools relative to a preoperative image. Traditional image-guided surgery relies onExpand
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Fundamental limits and simulations on time difference of arrival source localization using ultrasound signals
A catheter-mounted transducer transmits a signal that is received by a widely-spaced array of single element transducers. The signal time or time difference of arrival values at the transducersExpand
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Real-time 3D catheter localization system using ultrasound: Recent in vivo results towards endovascular abdominal aortic aneurysm repair
Surgeons have used localizers in minimally invasive procedures by combining 3D tool tracking with anatomical images obtained before or during the procedure. We previously reported on an ultrasoundExpand
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Ultrasonically marked instruments for ultrasound-guided interventions
In order to enhance needle and catheter visibility under ultrasound and enable tool tracking, it has been proposed to embed ultrasound receivers near the tip of interventional tools. Using theseExpand
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