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The successful colonization of novel host-plant species by herbivorous insects may be facilitated by a reduction in natural-enemy attack on insect populations associated with the novel (derived) host plant. This is particularly true if natural enemies use host-plant or habitat cues in searching for their herbivore prey. In order to test whether the(More)
System designers face an ever more complex set of tradeoffs in developing advanced digital systems. Transistors are getting faster, interconnect is getting slower, signal integrity issues are getting more complex, and reticle costs are exploding at an exponential rate. This paper takes a look at a unique hybrid processing approach for structured ASICs which(More)
We describe a multidisciplinary effort for creating interactive 3D graphical modules for visualizing optical phenomena. These modules are designed for use in an upper-level undergraduate physics course. The modules are developed in Open Inventor, which allows them to run under both Unix and Windows. The work is significant in that it applies contemporary(More)
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