Jay Lawrence Westbrook

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An in vitro model was used to determine the force required to pierce bovine dura with a range of new spinal needles and to measure the subsequent leakage rate of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). A significantly greater force was required to pierce the dura with pencil-point style needles compared to Quincke needles of the same size. Quincke needles caused a(More)
We have studied magnetic resonance images of the lumbar spine of 39 subjects to examine the anatomy of the lumbar extradural region. The segmental nature of the posterior extradural region at each lumbar level may explain reports of easier cranial passage of extradural catheters introduced by the paramedian approach. This approach may thus provide a more(More)
We have conducted a prospective study into the ease of use and incidence of postdural puncture headache with the 'Portex' combined spinal/epidural set. The pack contains a 16-gauge Tuohy needle of standard 8 cm shaft length with a matching 26-gauge pencil point spinal needle. The study included 150 consecutive combined spinal/epidural anaesthetics for lower(More)
A computer model of respiratory physiology was used to investigate the interaction between cardiac output and intrapulmonary shunting during anaesthesia. Significant degrees of arterial desaturation were demonstrated as the cardiac output was reduced. We suggest that volume expansion may correct some episodes of desaturation observed during anaesthesia.