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Interspecies hybrids between distinct species of the genus Xiphophorus are often used in varied research investigations to identify genomic regions associated with the inheritance of complex traits. There are 24 described Xiphophorus species and a greater number of pedigreed strains; thus, the number of potential interspecies hybrid cross combinations is(More)
To prospectively evaluate the ability of Guy's Stone Score (GSS) in predicting stone clearance rate and complication rate (by modified Clavien grade) for renal stones treated by percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PNL). From January 2013 to June 2014, a total of 142 patients undergoing PNL were evaluated prospectively. Patients with co-morbidities like(More)
Hybrids between distinct Xiphophorus species have been utilized for over 70 years to study melanoma and other neoplasms that can develop spontaneously in hybrid offspring. Genetic linkage mapping has proven to be important in delineating genomic areas that harbor oncogenes and tumor suppressors. Within this report, two parallel backcrosses have been(More)
BACKGROUND Candidal organisms are commensals of the oral cavity and their opportunistic infection depends on the interplay of local and systemic factors. Endodontic treatment failure has been associated with the persistence of microbial flora following therapy in the root canal system, and this includes fungi like Candida, which are resistant to(More)
CONTEXT Hardware breakage during hip surgery can pose challenging and difficult problems for orthopedic surgeons. Apart from technical difficulties relating to retrieval of the broken hardware, complications such as adjacent joint arthritis and damage to neurovascular structures and major viscera can occur. Complications occurring during the perioperative(More)
The ileosigmoid knot is a rare surgical emergency. It is an unusual type of bowel obstruction in which the ileum usually wraps around the base of the sigmoid colon and forms a pseudoknot. It is usually associated with difficult preoperative diagnosis and poor surgical outcome. To analyze the clinical presentations, operative findings, management,(More)
Introduction The H-reflex is an estimate of alpha motoneuron (αMN) excitability when presynaptic inhibition (Zehr, 2002) and intrinsic excitability (Capaday, 1997) of the αMNs remain constant. This measurement can be used to assess the response of the nervous system to different neurologic conditions, (Fisher, 1992) musculoskeletal injuries, (Hopkins &(More)
BACKGROUND Proximal femur has a significant functional modification on erect bipedal posture. Various proximal femoral parameters were analyzed in Western literature. This information was utilized in prosthetic designing. Implants designed for Western people are used in Indian patients undergoing hip surgeries such as internal fixation and replacement(More)
Cyst formation in the parameatal area is a relatively rare entity and not many cases have been reported in the literature. Two such cases are reported here. First patient was a 46 year old sexually active male who developed a spherical, cystic swelling of 1 cm in size on right lip of external urethral meatus. The second case was a 4 year old boy who(More)