Jay K. Trautman

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We have implemented an unbiased cell morphology-based screen to identify small-molecule modulators of cellular processes using the Cytometrix (TM) automated imaging and analysis system. This assay format provides unbiased analysis of morphological effects induced by small molecules by capturing phenotypic readouts of most known classes of pharmacological(More)
Compounds with similar target specificities and modes of inhibition cause similar cellular phenotypes. Based on this observation, we hypothesized that we could quantitatively classify compounds with diverse mechanisms of action using cellular phenotypes and identify compounds with unintended cellular activities within a chemical series. We have developed(More)
Conventional methods for intraoperative histopathologic diagnosis are labour- and time-intensive, and may delay decision-making during brain-tumour surgery. Stimulated Raman scattering (SRS) microscopy, a label-free optical process, has been shown to rapidly detect brain-tumour infiltration in fresh, unprocessed human tissues. Here, we demonstrate the first(More)
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