Jay-Jiguang Zhu

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BACKGROUND Dysregulated zinc transport has been observed in many cancers. However, the status of zinc homeostasis and the expression profile of zinc transporters in brain and brain tumors have not been reported. METHODS The gene profiles of 14 zinc importers (ZIPs) and 10 zinc exporters (ZnTs) in patients with glioma were studied by investigating the(More)
Phospholipase C beta 1 (PLCβ1) expresses in gliomas and cultured glial cells, but its expression is barely detectable in normal glial cells. We analyzed data from Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO-GDSxxx), The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA), and the Repository for Molecular Brain Neoplasia Data (REMBRANDT) to explore the potential role of PLCβ1 as a biomarker in(More)
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