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This paper presents a new approach for measuring semantic similarity/distance between words and concepts. It combines a lexical taxonomy structure with corpus statistical information so that the semantic distance between nodes in the semantic space constructed by the taxonomy can be better quantified with the computational evidence derived from a(More)
A great variety of Natural Language Processing tasks, from word sense disambiguation to text summarization to speech recognition, rely heavily on the ability to measure semantic relatedness or distance between words of a natural language. This report is a comprehensive study of recent computational methods of measuring lexical semantic relatedness. A survey(More)
Higher and Further education institutions in the UK are in the process of migrating their IT infrastructures to exploit Shibboleth technologies for federated access management. Ease of use and secure access are paramount to the successful uptake of these technologies, both from the end user and system administrator perspective. The JISC-funded GLASS project(More)
Motivation: The life sciences are broad in scope and cover multi-and inter-disciplinary domains as well as the biological domain. These domains can for example involve researchers from the clinical , social, geo-spatial and computer sciences amongst others, e.g. in understanding genetic variations across a population as might be undertaken through a(More)
BACKGROUND In boys with suspected partial androgen insensitivity syndrome (PAIS), systematic evidence that supports the long-term prognostic value of identifying a mutation in the androgen receptor gene (AR) is lacking. OBJECTIVE To assess the clinical characteristics and long-term outcomes in young men with suspected PAIS in relation to the results of AR(More)
BACKGROUND With the proliferation of rare disease registries, there is a need for registries to undergo an assessment of their quality against agreed standards to ensure their long-term sustainability and acceptability.This study was performed to evaluate the I-DSD and I-CAH Registries and identify their strengths and weaknesses. METHODS The design and(More)
— Security underpins Grids and e-Research. Without a robust, reliable and simple Grid security infrastructure combined with commonly accepted security practices, large portions of the research community and wider industry will not engage. The predominant way in which security is currently addressed in the Grid community is through Public Key Infrastructures(More)
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