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The protein data bank (PDB), at Brookhaven National Laboratory, is a database containing information on experimentally determined three-dimensional structures of proteins, nucleic acids, and other biological macromolecules, with approximately 9000 entries. The PDB has a 27-year history of service to a global community of researchers, educators, and students(More)
This paper presents a new approach for measuring semantic similarity/distance between words and concepts. It combines a lexical taxonomy structure with corpus statistical information so that the semantic distance between nodes in the semantic space constructed by the taxonomy can be better quantified with the computational evidence derived from a(More)
A great variety of Natural Language Processing tasks, from word sense disambiguation to text summarization to speech recognition, rely heavily on the ability to measure semantic relatedness or distance between words of a natural language. This report is a comprehensive study of recent computational methods of measuring lexical semantic relatedness. A survey(More)
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