Jay I. Jeong

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A sparser but more efficient connection rule (called a bond-cutoff method) for a simplified alpha-carbon coarse-grained elastic network model is presented. One of conventional connection rules for elastic network models is the distance-cutoff method, where virtual springs connect an alpha-carbon with all neighbor alpha-carbons within predefined(More)
UMass Morph Server (UMMS) has been developed for the broad impact on the study of molecular dynamics (MD). The elastic network model (ENM) of a given macromolecule has been proven as a useful tool for analyzing thermal behaviors locally and predicting folding pathways globally. UMMS utilizes coarse-grained ENMs at various levels. These simplifications(More)
An elastic network model (ENM), usually Cα coarse-grained one, has been widely used to study protein dynamics as an alternative to classical molecular dynamics simulation. This simple approach dramatically saves the computational cost, but sometimes fails to describe a feasible conformational change due to unrealistically excessive spring connections. To(More)
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