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OBJECTIVE Previous studies on short-term time series of heart rage suggest an inverse relationship between age and spectral powers of heart rate variability in various frequency bands. In this study, we examined the relationship between age (6-61 years) and long-term heart rate variability. METHODS We obtained 24-h Holter ECG in 33 healthy human subjects(More)
1. Investigations that assess cardiac autonomic function include non-linear techniques such as fractal dimension and approximate entropy in addition to the common time and frequency domain measures of both heart period and heart rate. This article evaluates the differences in using heart rate versus heart period to estimate fractal dimensions and(More)
CONTEXT The antioxidant acetylcysteine prevents acute contrast nephrotoxicity in patients with impaired renal function who undergo computed tomography scanning. However, its role in coronary angiography is unclear. OBJECTIVE To determine whether oral acetylcysteine prevents acute deterioration in renal function in patients with moderate renal(More)
RATIONALE Recent literature emphasizes the utility of QT variability to study ventricular electrophysiologic function. In this investigation, we sought to test the hypothesis that beat-to-beat fluctuations in QT intervals are mediated by sympathetic activity in normal subjects using postural challenge and isoproterenol infusions. SUBJECTS AND METHODS We(More)
This study investigated cardiac autonomic function in patients with panic disorder and normal controls using Holter ECG records. A decrease in ultra-low frequency power (< 0.0033 Hz) is known to be associated with an increased risk for cardiovascular mortality in humans. Twenty-four-hour ECG was recorded in 29 patients with panic disorder and 23 normal(More)
We investigated cardiac autonomic function in 16 patients with panic disorder before and after treatment with paroxetine using Holter ECG records. Our previous data suggest a relative increase in sympathetic activity in patients with panic disorder, especially during sleep. Data for 20 h and awake and sleep periods were analyzed using spectral analysis to(More)
1. We have investigated the feasibility of accurately simulating the respiratory function of artificially ventilated patients, using a computer model of the respiratory system. Twelve patients artificially ventilated after uncomplicated cardiac bypass surgery was studied. 2. The basic information required to simulate individual ventilated subjects was(More)
Left atrial myxoma, if left untreated, is inexorably progressive and usually fatal. The classical management of this disease is prompt surgical removal. However, there may be exceptions to this traditional dogma. The authors report an 85-year-old man who presented with features of chronic obstructive airway disease and congestive heart failure 15 years(More)
Previous evidence suggests an increased cardiovascular morbidity in patients with panic disorder. In this study, we compared 24-hour ECG in patients with panic disorder (n = 22; age: 36.1 +/- 7.6 years) and healthy controls (n = 21; age: 34.6 +/- 10.0 years). The QTc intervals during the day or night were not significantly different between patients and(More)
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