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OBJECTIVES This feasibility study examined whether a sun safety curriculum designed for and administered to preschoolers affects their cognition (knowledge, comprehension, application) regarding sun safety. METHODS Twelve classes of 4- to 5-year-olds were recruited from local preschools and randomly assigned to an intervention group or a control group.(More)
  • Hillary N Morgan, Kurt W Rotthoff, +7 authors Jay Emerson
  • 2014
Studies have found going first or last in a sequential order contest leads to a biased outcome; commonly called order bias (or primacy and recency). Studies have also found judges have a tendency to reward contestants they recognize with additional points, called reference bias. Controlling for known biases, we test for a new type of bias we refer to as(More)
BACKGROUND Skin cancer affects more Americans than any other type of cancer. Children are prime targets for prevention education, because sun overexposure in early childhood may affect the development of skin cancer later in life. Preventive behaviors adopted early in life may be less resistant to change than those acquired in adulthood. Thus, there is a(More)
Few speech and language therapists work with psychiatric patients. This study investigates how the specific communication problems of this population are addressed by care staff. Following a survey to determine the prevalence of speech and language problems in a psychiatric population, subjects assessed as having moderate or severe difficulties were(More)
A survey was conducted to investigate the prevalence of speech and language problems in people receiving care from the Mental Health Unit of a District Health Authority. A screening assessment was devised with the aim of detecting difficulties with receptive and expressive language, voice, articulation and fluency, by use of modified standardised tests and(More)
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