Jay E. Steele

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Pressure diuresis refers to the direct effect of arterial pressure (AP) on the rate of urine flow (UF). On the basis of computer modeling, pressure diuresis has been viewed as a long-term mechanism that acts to set the level of the blood volume and, thus, the steady-state AP. There are no systematic studies, however, on the rapidity with which changes in AP(More)
Pantethine and the amino phosphorothioate, WR-77913, protected lenses against increased light scattering and opacification during cataract formation in five animal models: (1) radiation, (2) selenite, (3) galactose, (4) streptozotocin and (5) Royal College of Surgeons. In the radiation or selenite models, each test reagent was administered 15 to 30 min(More)
The variation of the phase-separation temperature (Tc) was studied in lenses during formation of cataracts induced by a subcutaneous injection of sodium selenite. In normal control animals, the Tc decreased monotonically with increasing age. Approximately 2 days after administration of the selenite the Tc decreased sharply to a minimum, and then at day 4(More)
A new technique for rendering convective clouds is suggested. The technique uses two lattice-Boltzmann (LB) models, one for generating the spatial and temporal distribution of water density and the other for photon transport , that is, lighting the water density with correct anisotropic scattering. The common LB structure is easily mapped to parallel(More)
In 1967, Guyton and Coleman modeled pressure diuresis as the underlying, essential, long-term mechanism that regulates arterial pressure when sodium intake changes. Other mechanisms that influence renal function interact with pressure diuresis to achieve sodium balance and determine the blood pressure. Increases in sodium intake suppress sodium conserving(More)
Numerical solution of any large, three-dimensional fluid flow problem is a computationally intensive task that typically requires supercomputer solution to achieve reasonable execution time. This paper describes an alternative approach, a technique for mapping three-dimensional fluid flow models to low-cost, desktop hardware. The approach is shown to(More)
The capacity of WR-2721 to provide radioprotection in central nervous system (CNS) tissue was assessed in F-344 rats irradiated with Cs-137 to the cervical spinal cord 45 min following injection of either 0.33 mg (0.60 X LD50) of WR-2721 or carrier solution in the right lateral cerebral ventricle. The radiation dose groups were 20, 26, 32, or 38 Gy; the(More)
This tutorial will present audience members with the foundations necessary to implement general purpose computations on graphics processing units (GPUs). Initially designed for computer graphics, current GPUs have evolved into programmable, highly parallel, floating point processing units. GPUs are now viewed as inexpensive coprocessors that are ideally(More)