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Despite the often reported benefits of educational technology, educators often find it difficult to integrate these applications and devices into typical school practices. Although there are a number of complex factors and interactions that contribute to this problem, the usability of educational technology is rarely considered. The current paper discusses(More)
Progress monitoring measurement is increasingly needed in early childhood to inform practitioners when an intervention change is needed and as a tool for accomplishing individualization and improving results for individual children. The Early Communication Indicator (ECI) is such a measure for infants and toddlers, 6 to 42 months of age. A greater(More)
The purpose of this paper is to describe the role of computer and information technology in scaling up research-validated instructional strategies like ClassWide Peer Tutoring (CWPT). Recently, implementation software, the CWPT Learning Management System, web and e-mail communications, and interactive multimedia resources have been developed to support(More)
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