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A variation of cone-tracing is used to predict the signal strength in wireless networks. Differences between light and radio waves necessitate certain changes to the basic ray/cone tracing algorithm, as does the information required of the solution. The new algorithm is compared to a previous algorithm for signal strength prediction, and verified on some(More)
o This article explores shifting definitions of propaganda, because how we define the slippery enterprise determines whether we perceive propaganda to be ethical or uneth-ical. I also consider the social psychology and semantics of propaganda, because our ethics are shaped by and reflect our belief systems, values, and language behaviors. Finally, in the(More)
Modern businesses are increasingly dynamic in nature, which creates a need for computer systems that can sense and respond to rapid changes in the environment, or " context, " of the enterprise. Custom solutions have emerged to address some of these issues, but the time has come for more systematic approaches. In this paper, we present our vision of a(More)
In the absence of generic programming abstractions for dynamic data in most enterprise programming environments, individual applications treat data streams as a special case requiring custom programming. With the growing number of live data sources such as RSS feeds, messaging and presence servers, multimedia streams, and sensor data. a general-purpose(More)
PLUS Views and reviews PAPERS • Jackie Newton: The knock at the door: Considering bereaved families' varying responses to news media intrusion • Richard Pendry: Subcontracting newsgathering in Iraq • Justin Schlosberg: Covering the cover-up: The Hutton report in UK television news • Peter Simmons: Competent, dependable and respectful: Football refereeing as(More)
A large electrochemical isotopic effect is observed upon the electrodeposition of lithium from solutions of propylene carbonate producing isotopically light metal deposits. The magnitude of fractionation is controlled by the applied overpotential and is largest close to equilibrium. Calculated partition function ratios for tetrahedrally coordinated lithium(More)
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