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The action of Armillaria mellea protease has been evaluated on a number of polypeptide substrates. It has been shown to split the Pro7-Lys8 bonds in both native and oxidised lysine-vasopressin and the Ser11-Lys12 bond in glucagon. No other splits were detected in these substrates. The enzyme also caused extensive degradation of S-carboxymethyl lysozyme,(More)
1. Human fibrinogen was subjected to proteolysis by enzyme preparations (clinical Arvin and IRC-50 Arvin) from the venom of Agkistrodon rhodostoma. 2. IRC-50 Arvin releases three peptides from fibrinogen, and these were identified as fibrinopeptides AP, AY and A. 3. The less purified ;clinical' Arvin releases, in addition to fibrinopeptides AP, AY and A,(More)
Ornithine aminotransferase is shown to bind 1 mol of amino[14C]hexynoate per mol of coenzyme in the 'suicide' inactivation process. At the same time the coenzyme pyridoxal phosphate becomes irreversibly bound to the enzyme protein. Apart from the inactivation, the labelled enzyme is indistinguishable from native ornithine aminotransferase by several(More)
Treatment of ornithine aminotransferase with trypsin resulted in rapid and complete loss of enzyme activity in a process that coincided with a reduction in subunit Mr of about 3000. However, electrophoresis showed that a substantial proportion of the enzyme had not been digested. The component of the preparation of ornithine aminotransferase that was(More)
Several intermediates in the reaction of 2-methylglutamate with glutamate decarboxylase from Escherichia coli were detected by stopped-flow spectrophotometry and by rapid-scanning spectrophotometry after conventional mixing. Structures were assigned to intermediates on the basis of kinetic and spectral evidence. In the early stages of the reaction an(More)
1. l-Tyrosylglycine O[(35)S]-sulphate is metabolized by the rat to yield the O[(35)S]-sulphate esters of l-tyrosine, p-hydroxyphenylpyruvic acid and p-hydroxyphenylacetic acid. 2. The proportion of the administered peptide which is excreted as l-tyrosine O[(35)S]-sulphate is greater at a higher dose. 3. An enzyme capable of hydrolysing the peptide bond of(More)