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Object-oriented programming is well-suited to such data-intensive application domains as CAD/CAM, AI, and OIS (office information systems) with multimedia documents. At MCC we have built a prototype object-oriented database system, called ORION. It adds persistence and sharability to objects created and manipulated in applications implemented in an(More)
Presented in this paper is the data model for ORION, a prototype database system that adds persistence and sharability to objects created and manipulated in object-oriented applications. The ORION data model consolidates and modifies a number of major concepts found in many object-oriented systems, such as objects, classes, class lattice, methods, and(More)
A DAG (directed acyclic graph) is a n important data structure which requires efficient support in CAD databases. I t typically arises from the design hierarchy, which describes complex designs in terms of subdesigns. Often, subdesigns a re shared by more than one higher-level designs, and a set of design hierarchies thus forms a DAG. Evaluating an access(More)
Many applications in such domains as computer-aided design require the capability to define, store and retrieve as a single unit a collection of related objects known as a composite object. A composite object explicitly captures and enforces the IS-PART-OF integrity constraint between child and parent pairs of objects in a hierarchical collection of(More)
We present RDFox—a main-memory, scalable, centralised RDF store that supports materialisation-based parallel datalog reasoning and SPARQL query answering. RDFox uses novel and highly-efficient parallel reasoning algorithms for the computation and incremental update of datalog materialisations with efficient handling of owl:sameAs. In this system description(More)
Many applications in the CAD/CAM and AI domains require the capability to define and manipulate a structured collection of records as a single logical entity, called a complex object. A complex object is the unit of sharing among many configurations of higher level entities. In this paper, we present a model of complex object and define a set of meaningful(More)
With the advent of GIS, multi-media, and warehousing technologies, database systems have started focusing on storage and access of multi-dimensional data such as spatial, OLAP, image, audio, and video attributes. As a step in this direction, Oracle8i launched the interMedia product to support spatial and image data, and Materialized Views (MV) to support(More)
Subgraph isomorphism, or finding matching patterns in a graph, is a classic graph problem that has many practical use cases. There are even commercialized solutions for this problem such as RDF databases with their support for SPARQL queries. In this paper, we present an efficient, parallel in-memory solution to this problem. Our solution exploits efficient(More)
Triple stores implementing the RL profile of OWL 2 are becoming increasingly popular. In contrast to unrestricted OWL 2, the RL profile is known to enjoy favourable computational properties for query answering, and state-of-the-art RL reasoners such as OWLim and Oracle's native inference engine of Oracle Spatial and Graph have proved extremely successful in(More)