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Object-oriented programming is well-suited to such data-intensive application domains as CAD/CAM, AI, and OIS (office information systems) with multimedia documents. At MCC we have built a prototype object-oriented database system, called ORION. It adds persistence and sharability to objects created and manipulated in applications implemented in an(More)
Presented in this paper is the data model for ORION, a prototype database system that adds persistence and sharability to objects created and manipulated in object-oriented applications. The ORION data model consolidates and modifies a number of major concepts found in many object-oriented systems, such as objects, classes, class lattice, methods, and(More)
Many applications in such domains as computer-aided design require the capability to define, store and retrieve as a single unit a collection of related objects known as a composite object. A composite object explicitly captures and enforces the IS-PART-OF integrity constraint between child and parent pairs of objects in a hierarchical collection of(More)
There are two major issues to address to achieve integration of an object-oriented programming system with a database system. One is the language issue: an object-oriented programming language must be augmented with semantic data modeling concepts to provide a robust set of data modeling concepts to allow modeling of entities for important real-world(More)
Triple stores implementing the RL profile of OWL 2 are becoming increasingly popular. In contrast to unrestricted OWL 2, the RL profile is known to enjoy favourable computational properties for query answering, and state-of-the-art RL reasoners such as OWLim and Oracle's native inference engine of Oracle Spatial and Graph have proved extremely successful in(More)
Many applications in the CAD/CAM and AI domains require the capability to define and manipulate a structured collection of records as a single logical entity, called a complex object. A complex object is the unit of sharing among many configurations of higher level entities. In this paper, we present a model of complex object and define a set of meaningful(More)
1 Introduction With the advent of GIS, multi-media, and warehousing technologies, database systems have started focusing on storage and access of multi-dimensional data such as spatial, OLAP, image, audio, and video attributes. As a step in this direction, Oracle% launched the interMedia product to support spatial and image data, and Materialized Views (MV)(More)