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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Web-based cases are well accepted by medical students and enable faculty to deliver equivalent educational experiences to all students. A 2009 literature search revealed no study investigating student use patterns of Web-based case libraries for self-directed learning. We investigated third-year students' use of a Web-based case(More)
Osteopontin (OPN) is a pleotrophic molecule that has been associated with multiple disorders of the central nervous system (CNS). Its roles in CNS malignancy are unclear but suggest that higher levels of OPN expression correlate with increased tumor grade and increased migratory capacity of tumor cells. In this study OPN cDNA was cloned into a retroviral(More)
better students could have selected to use the EHR. However, it seems unlikely that self-selection could account for a difference of almost 2 points between groups. Conclusions Students who chose the EHR to record a patient's history documented more pain characteristics than those who did not. In this study, using the EHR was associated with improved(More)
Assess whether receipt of tailored printouts generated by the Cancer Risk Intake System (CRIS) - a touch-screen computer program that collects data from patients and generates printouts for patients and physicians - results in more reported patient-provider discussions about colorectal cancer (CRC) risk and screening than receipt of non-tailored(More)
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